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Changes in T-Shirt Fundraiser 6 years ago

A few weeks ago, the fundraiser was set up as a t-shirt idea contest and a few promotions were made. However, the co-founders have been focused on adding new features and updating the helpdesk, filling it with setup guides and FAQ's.

No Interpreters at Women's Startup Lab 7 years ago

You may or may not have seen our recent announcement that we were picked out of hundreds of applicants to join the Women's Startup Lab, a Silicon Valley business accelerator program. We were getting ready, and I contacted them to ask about interpreter arrangements, provide a list of agencies. They replied to me, saying they weren't prepared to provide interpreters, told me, "we thought your husband is hearing, that you would bring him to interpret for you."

Eventida Accepted into Silicon Valley Accelerator! 7 years ago

Deaf web developers and founders of Eventida, Elise (aka "Lisi") and Lee Whitworth, have been selected from hundreds of applicants to participate in this year's Women's Startup Lab accelerator program! Before they can go, they need your help! Watch the video of the announcement in ASL (American Sign Language) or read the full announcement here.
"We are excited about the mission of Eventida and the difference it can make with its focus on accommodations and accessibility in the event industry." - Goretti Heinz, Director of Operations at Women's Startup Lab.