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Eventida Changelog: Bug fixes, new features, and other updates.

Recent Changes

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08/10 We are changing everything on Eventida!

Highlights of this release include an improved upgrade process, better layout and branding experience, accessibility updates, and a 50% off sale on our Promoter account upgrade!

06/16 Promoter is officially in BETA! + more changes

We are thrilled to announce that the Promoter membership is now officially in BETA! Our first promoter is BEYOND satisfied with his event list. He used to spend all day on feeding event information, now he only spends a few minutes managing his list.  See our complete changelog for further details.

It’s not too late to get a one year subscription at deep discounts bundled with an advertising package! The special offer ends soon.

12/12 NEW: Event List Invites, Marketplace & Quick Add Events

We’ve done a complete overhaul of the helpdesk. This is only the beginning - there is a long list of guides to develop!

Need a guide on how to do something? Ask. Chances are, we’ll deliver quickly.

Speaking of overhauls, we’ve also added a bunch of new stuff and made many other improvements to our existing features. New categories, a Marketplace for accessible events, and much more.

Read the full post to find out what we’ve done to make events easy and accessible!

06/16 Complete Overhaul & New Features!

Since we have begun winding down client services and focused on Eventida, we've made huge improvements!

You can now create event lists for personal or professional use, and set them to private or public. Event sites now has a custom navigation menu builder, with the ability to link to a Page or external URL. You can create custom Pages and add them to their event list(s) and sites.

AND.... event listings, sites, and lists can be embedded onto any website. Those are only the highlights  - more details are in the full changelog.