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AI Media proves there is a need for Eventida!

Oct 05, 2016     by Eventida Staff     0 comments
AI Media proves there is a need for Eventida!

The cofounders of Eventida created a video sharing their story at Peach Days festival and sent it over to the nice folks at AI Media, who is on a mission similar to Eventida's; making more content accessible to all.

AI Media shared the video on their facebook page. It was shared 167 times and viewed by over 9,400 people - a decent 1.8% share rate.

The irony is, the audience is primarily the Deaf community - but most of the comments posted were about food inaccessibility!

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Main Blog Image Description:
Screenshot of AI Media Facebook with over 170K likes, Eventida video on still, and a cover image of Stevie Wonder with his quote in text: We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.

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