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Eventida Changelog: Bug fixes, new features, and other updates.

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Recent Changes

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08/10 We are changing everything on Eventida!

Highlights of this release include an improved upgrade process, better layout and branding experience, accessibility updates, and a 50% off sale on our Promoter account upgrade!

Main Highlights

  • Adjusted the layout and appearance of users’ content so they can maintain a consistent, branded experience for their event attendees.

  • We changed the Get Access button to say “Special Request” instead, to make it clearer the purpose of the button to visitors.

  • We improved the upgrade process and are slashing the premium upgrade price by 50%!! All users who upgrade at this price will be grandfathered at the same amount for life.

The Details

  • Numerous front-end additions & improvements

    • Improved the tour and pricing comparison on the website. 

    • Adjusted the layout and appearance of event, event list, venue, and search outputs to create a minimally branded experience for our users’ event promotions.

      • The “Request Access” button and accommodation related elements were changed to “Special Requests” instead. This helps clarify the intent and purpose of the communications feature.

      • The standard gray navigation bar on top and gray footer on all pages have been stripped from all users’ “forward facing” pages: Event Listings, Event Sites, Pages, and Event Lists for a "nav-less" allowing users to create their own branding experience.

      • The footer on these templates has been replaced with a simpler one showing Eventida's logo and a few essential links.

    • All logout links have been fixed to include more URL segments - previously they were cut off at 2.

    • The new “front end” of Eventida, user dashboard and control panel will still have the gray nav elements, but the items in these elements have been simplified and updated too.

    • New support documents have been added to our knowledge base.

  • Major accessibility fixes and minor category updates

    • We used AXE and WAVE to check the new front-end website and the app for web accessibility issues and fixed them all!

    • Most of the dashboard and back-end have been fully tested and fixed, this is still in process, along with functionality to force users to add accessibility content such as image descriptions and captioned videos. 

  • Updated user dashboard and management interfaces

    • The dashboard now displays the event search form with additional buttons for improved navigation. Statistical widgets have been optimized for better performance. 

    • Events, Lists, and Venue management pages now have a more prominent "add" button.

    • The statistical widgets containing counts for different types of entries grouped by status have been migrated from admin pages for Events, Venues, and Pages to the main dashboard.

    • There is now a button with drop-down navigation with counts for each status on Events, Venues, and Pages.

  • Improved Event List features

    • Overhauled entire list invitation experience, resolving multiple bugs.

    • Accessibility testing has been done on list pages.

    • Manage Lists has dashboard widgets removed and improved navigation.

    • Eventida header has been stripped for a clean “landing page” experience, and the footer has been swapped out to a simple version.

  • Improved Venue information pages

    • Each venue now get their own page displaying events happening at each venue.

    • Venue titles on event listings now link to these venue pages.

    • All Venue pages have an associated RSS feed.

    • Venues that are properly setup via the venue form will now sport buttons that link directly to a Google Maps for that venue.

  • DevOps & Server Updates

    • Switched to Cloudflare's DNS & caching solutions for improved performance and security against bad traffic.

    • Upgraded to MySQL 5.7 and converted all tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. Ssh, don't laugh! As a result, overall site speed has improved by more than 20%.

    • Enhanced SEO and microdata formats added to listings to maximize searchability of user content.

General bugs fixed. Thanks to our users for reporting on our forum, we were able to find more bugs to fix. Did you find one? Report it here.

06/16 Promoter is officially in BETA! + more changes

We are thrilled to announce that the Promoter membership is now officially in BETA! Our first promoter is BEYOND satisfied with his event list. He used to spend all day on feeding event information, now he only spends a few minutes managing his list.  See our complete changelog for further details.

It’s not too late to get a one year subscription at deep discounts bundled with an advertising package! The special offer ends soon.

  • Updated Slogan & New Pages: About Us & Feature Comparison!  
    • Slogan: Global Bulletin Board & Marketplace for Accessible & Inclusive Events
    • Our brand new About Us page tells the story of Eventida
    • New comparison chart - all the planned features are removed, now one can compare current, LIVE features.
  • BETA Release of Promoter membership
    • Skip event approvals and go live instantly! Yep, it’s finally happening!
    • Build event lists and keep track of event leads who claimed their events
    • An RSS feed that shows up to 25 of your list's upcoming events.
    • Integrate your event list with newsletters, plugins with RSS capability, social media, etc Example: Deaf NYC
    • Updated comparison chart with current features
  • Improved advertising features
    • Added more category-based targeting capabilities for Eventida advertisers.
    • Deployed cannabis-friendly ad networks on events and lists placed in the Adult (21+) and any cannabis-related Event Type and Accommodations categories.
    • See more details about ad features on Ad Offers.
  • Updated Accommodations, Event Types, Languages, Time Zones:
    • Added UTC + 10 for Australian Eastern Time to list of time zones.

General bugs fixed. Thanks to our users for reporting on our forum, we were able to find more bugs to fix. Did you find one? Report it here.

12/12 NEW: Event List Invites, Marketplace & Quick Add Events

We’ve done a complete overhaul of the helpdesk. This is only the beginning - there is a long list of guides to develop!

Need a guide on how to do something? Ask. Chances are, we’ll deliver quickly.

Speaking of overhauls, we’ve also added a bunch of new stuff and made many other improvements to our existing features. New categories, a Marketplace for accessible events, and much more.

Read the full post to find out what we’ve done to make events easy and accessible!

We focused on several areas of improvements for our event attendees, our members, and our clients.

  • NEW: Post events for other event hosts to claim and update!
    • Submit an event as a “Lead” and Eventida will send the host of that event a special link they can use to claim and update the event
    • Use “Quick Add” form to quickly post events with minimal information
    • Created and improved “claim events” email copy
    • Fixed claim email security check case-insensitive bug
  • New Marketplace (BETA) For Accessible Events:
    • Exclusive promotions, services and other offerings for an accessible event marketplace
    • Search offers by keyword, categories, languages, or accomodations
    • Eventida custom set-up and advertising offers
    • Offers posted by our pre-launch subscribers (see pre-launch sale)
  • Complete overhaul of Helpdesk solutions & setup forums: (UPDATED 4/2019)
  • Completed many core improvements:
    • New modern homepage with video background, a welcome message with statistics, and action buttons
    • Improved desktop and mobile navigation
    • More helpful login screens for various scenarios
    • Added new accessibility icons! Thanks to FontAwesome
  • Improved Accommodation / Access Requests:
    • “Get Access” buttons on every event!
    • Customizable subject line and message
    • Checkboxes to select which accommodations are needed
    • Copy up to 25 others on the request
    • “Log in to submit request” now has a preview describing what it is for
  • Added NEW sections and pages to the site:
  • Implemented advertising features:
    • Integrated with Google’s DoubleClick for Small Businesses ad server
    • Created targetable ad-zones on events, lists and the Marketplace
    • Setup automated weekly performance reports sent in email to advertisers and publishers
  • Optimized Event Search:
    • Removed slow loading “all events”
    • Improved month to month browsing
    • Fixed pagination bug on search results
    • Streamlined the search form on Find Events
    • Improved queries to speed up searches
  • Made improvements to Event Lists and added the ability to browse lists:
    • Created NEW “Browse Lists” page
    • Made multiple design improvements on lists
    • Added Past / Upcoming events layout option
    • Rearranged new/edit list form for ease of use
  • Released NEW Event List Invitations:
    • Private lists - share events privately
    • Public lists - get help managing event lists
    • Customizable invitation subject lines and emails
    • Editable list permissions (allow members or followers to add events and/or invite others)
  • Updated Categories for Accommodations, Event Types, Languages & Offers
    • Accommodations:
      • Contact Host (alternative to “On Request”)
      • Physical:
      • Cannabis Lounge
      • Fabric / Material Options
      • Marijuana Friendly
      • Video Remote Interpreting
    • Event Types:
      • Cannabis Events
      • Carnivals & Festivals
      • Comedy & Drama
      • Deaf Culture
      • Marches & Protests
    • Languages:
      • Spoken Greek
      • Finnish Sign Language
    • Offers (Marketplace):

06/16 Complete Overhaul & New Features!

Since we have begun winding down client services and focused on Eventida, we've made huge improvements!

You can now create event lists for personal or professional use, and set them to private or public. Event sites now has a custom navigation menu builder, with the ability to link to a Page or external URL. You can create custom Pages and add them to their event list(s) and sites.

AND.... event listings, sites, and lists can be embedded onto any website. Those are only the highlights  - more details are in the full changelog.

  • Improved & NEW Search Features:
  • Expanded Event Listings & Site Features:
    • Expanded "event site" from a single page + contact form to the ability to add pages & build custom navigation menu.
    • Ability to add a custom navigation menu to event sites- either link to an external URL or to one of your Pages in Eventida.
    • Made many improvements to UX (user experience) for event listings.
  • Released NEW Event Lists
    • Users now have the ability to create public or private event lists 
    • Add events from anywhere on the site to list(s) with a click of a button. 
    • Customizable navigation menu - add Pages and/or external URL's.
  • Built NEW Embed features:
    • Ability to embed a listing and/or event site.
    • Event lists are embeddable as well.
    • Code provided for users to copy and paste into their webpage(s).
  • Released NEW Pages Feature 
    • Ability to add pages to event sites and/or event lists.
    • Ability to create pages while posting events.
    • Designed for repeated use, to save time, with the ability to attach to multiple event sites (for example, one "About Us" page for all events and event lists). 
  • Overhauled Venue Management & Forms
    • Improved Add/Edit Venue form that utilizes Google Places' Autocomplete to get accurate map data.
    • Ability to reposition the map marker for more exact map placement, or reset it to original position.
    • Ability to create venues while posting events.
  • Changed & Improved Accessibility Request Feature
    • Changed terminology site-wide from "accessibility" to accommodations.
    • Interested attendees can now add more detail to their accommodation requests.
  • Re-established Blog Section
    • Created blog section on the site and revived "In the News." 
    • Added "Event Stories" category.
    • Created changelog and posted the first one. (you are here!!)