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This Fundraiser is Over!

Eventida pre-launch sale & contribution form has been moved here!

The Cause

Events should be accessible to every body, but most are not.

Tshirt Fundraiser

Get or give conversation starter shirts during the holidays!

The Goals

The goals of this campaign & what the funding will support.

Join Us!

Contribute & get limited edition t-shirts, or buy early & get perks!

Growth Goals

  • Spread awareness of the cause
  • Create more gigs and jobs for the 38%
  • Build a developer API and make search run faster
  • Provide training and resources
  • Add more free features & release subscription plans:

Subscription plans & monthly fees are scheduled to launch in May of 2017.

Until then, get a one year subscription, ad placements, and early access to premium features at deep discounts!

FAQ: Member Levels, Pricing & Features

User Level
Prelaunch SALE + Bonuses!
Contribute to support free features, or buy a package.
$250 $1,000 $2,500
One year subscription - value:
Expires June 2018
- $348 $708 $1,548
Post & promote events tour
Search & save events tour
Send & receive access requests tour
Invite users to event lists beta
Buy ads, promotions, services beta
Bonuses included in Pre-launch sale!
Logo placement on "About" page (optional)
50% discount on set-up packages
Ad placement credits $250 $500 $1,000
EARLY ACCESS to beta features
Provide input. Make Eventida work great for YOU!
Skip Approvals - Go Live instantly!
Post offers on the Marketplace 5 10 25
Ad management & reports for your buyers
Referral Program - Earn revenue!
Coming Soon
Click the feature link to learn more about each
Create profiles, or find & save profiles to lists
Post & share updates, auto-send through email
Automatic ad sales & placements
Join a team, by invitation, and participate
Post team updates
Set up and assign to do lists
Manage offers as a team
Teams Included $29 per extra team 3 10
Create and manage member lists
Manage access to private and public events & lists
Provide access to templates
Communities Included $99 per extra community 1

Free Features

Lists: Create a private / public collection of events, invite members & add to other sites.

Events: Got an event site? No problem, create a simple listing. No site? Use Eventida!

Accessibility: Manage access requests & provide or promote access.

Get Started

Premium Features

Advertise your services for accessible & inclusive events in our marketplace.

Deep discounts on annual subscription & advertising rates.

Automate your event list, reduce time spent updating your website & mailing list!

Instant Upgrade

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