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This list has been put together by Eventida to honor Deaf Awareness Month, which takes place every September. You are welcome to embed this list on your site!

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Never conflict with major events again! Deaf and sign-language related conferences, expos, festivals, art & theater shows, other entertainment performances, live streaming events and much more, have been listed below!

This event list is being made possible by #events4everyBODY funding.

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Why International Deaf Events (IDE)?

Event information in the Deaf community is decentralized and spread out. In order to find out what's going on anywhere in the world, one usually has to spend time searching for events via Google or other websites. Some events are only announced through newsletter subscriptions or word of mouth!

As the event industry grows within the Deaf community, more and more major events are happening at the same time. Case in point, DeafNation and NAD Conference in Summer 2016. Hosts and planners of these events have no easy way of finding out whatever they're planning conflicts with another event. This makes for a big impact in our relatively small Deaf community.

Not only that, but once an event's planned and its promotional material goes out, it's out! If anything changes for that event, the event host or promoter has to spend time making and sending out a new promotion. We now have two promotions going around, one with old information and one with the new. The host or promoter either has to spend time chasing down the old information or sit back and hope that everyone gets the new stuff in time for the event.

The list goes on, but International Deaf Events offers a quick, free solution to many of these problems. It acts as a collaborative, embeddable, and shareable virtual bulletin board that keeps track of our community's major events. There's no cost to share and use, and invited followers can add events directly to this list. This saves time for event professionals and provides a nexus to centralize and regulate the flow of event information within the Deaf community.

By Deaf For Everybody

Eventida was founded by two deaf web developers and business entrepreneurs, Elise & Lee Whitworth. They've recently decided to take the plunge and go all-in on this international event promotions web app. Their mission is to help enhance accommodations and accessibility for events of all kinds, for everybody, and Eventida is the tool they built to do just that.


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This flag was designed by Gaël Aguilera for WFD 2015. It seems that his petition stalled and the status of this project is unknown. This flag was chosen to honor their initial efforts as it clearly reflects what most often happens at deaf events; a lot of signing and chatting!

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