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This Fundraiser is Over!

Eventida pre-launch sale & contribution form has been moved here!

The Cause

Events should be accessible to every body, but most are not.

Tshirt Fundraiser

Get or give conversation starter shirts during the holidays!

The Goals

The goals of this campaign & what the funding will support.

Join Us!

Contribute & get limited edition t-shirts, or buy early & get perks!


A fundraiser and awareness campaign!
Buy a shirt to support Eventida, then wear it to spread awareness.

1. Choose the Front You Like

You have until Monday Dec 5, 2016 to get the limited edition shirt!
Order shirts for yourself or surprise friends, colleagues and family.

2. The Shirts are Printed

The limited edition print is placed on the back of all shirts.
All patrons' names will be printed in a name cloud (optional).

gray shirt with print: Original Patron 2016 #events4everyBODY and eventida logo with search icon

3. Shirts are Shipped

In December, shipments are mailed in time to wear during holiday events!

image of a gift wrapped in green paper and gold ribbon

What happened to the contest?

Free Features

Lists: Create a private / public collection of events, invite members & add to other sites.

Events: Got an event site? No problem, create a simple listing. No site? Use Eventida!

Accessibility: Manage access requests & provide or promote access.

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Premium Features

Advertise your services for accessible & inclusive events in our marketplace.

Deep discounts on annual subscription & advertising rates.

Automate your event list, reduce time spent updating your website & mailing list!

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