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The Cause

Events should be accessible to every body, but most are not.

Tshirt Fundraiser

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The Goals

The goals of this campaign & what the funding will support.

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Let's start with this basic principle:
Events are an experience.

Imagine yourself at events...

  • making valuable connections
  • enjoying good food, new cuisines
  • getting info, training & support
  • participating in group activities
  • being entertained at shows and theaters

... what if you or your guests couldn’t do one or more of these?

Would the event be worth it?

Over 35% don't have full access to events!

Challenging Barriers

  • Time: Arranging accommodations require more time and focus than people are willing to spare.
  • Money: The smaller the event the tighter the budget, leaving little or no room to provide access.
  • Resources: Event hosts who don't know what to do are more likely to say no than they are to help.

Diverse Audiences

People have all kinds of needs that prevent them from getting full access to events.

61.9% do not need access, but 20.9% speak another language, 12.3% have disabilites, and the rest have allergies.

This also happens all over the world!

We Can Solve This

Man in wheelchair held aloft by a crowd of event attendees.
Photo Credit: Rudi Jeggle
Amnesia Rockfest 2014

Eventida has a plan to overcome these barriers!

  1. Make requesting and arranging them easy where everyone can just do it with a few clicks.
  2. Raise awareness and advocate for meeting the needs of this large, underserved audience.
  3. Connect everybody through an online accommodations marketplace.

See Our Goals!

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Lists: Create a private / public collection of events, invite members & add to other sites.

Events: Got an event site? No problem, create a simple listing. No site? Use Eventida!

Accessibility: Manage access requests & provide or promote access.

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