No Interpreters at Women's Startup Lab 8 years ago

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You may or may not have seen our recent announcement that we were picked out of hundreds of applicants to join the Women’s Startup Lab, a Silicon Valley business accelerator program.

We were getting ready, and I contacted them to ask about interpreter arrangements, provide a list of agencies. They replied to me, saying they weren’t prepared to provide interpreters, told me, “we thought your husband is hearing, that you would bring him to interpret for you.”

I did ask, during the phone interview, if they would arrange for and provide interpreters warning them that it would be very expensive, both of us needed it. She said yes, yes. It was through the phone – I should have sent a follow up email to double confirm that interpreters will be provided.

Lee and I discussed what to do, tried to work out a solution with the Startup Lab, but it seemed that the program wouldn’t be ready for us in time for this year’s group. So, we talked some more, and decided to stay strong, do it ourselves!

What’s Next?

A new fundraiser with a tshirt contest and awareness campaign which will continue until the end of November.

We are looking forward to the future, where accommodation requests don’t slip through the cracks, and they know what to do. Just like this situation with Women’s Startup Lab, we wish Eventida was ready for for me to input and book it. That’s the whole point of Eventida!

The irony, that we ran into this exact problem with the program! We hope you all are looking forward to seeing this happen too, and join us in the fight for equal access at events!

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