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Put In the Spotlight by Alice 5 years ago

Recently, Alice featured Eventida and our CEO, Lisi Whitworth in their weekly newsletter, The Memo. Alice is an ecosystem of doers, made up of many communities who challenge, support, and drive entrepreneurs to think bigger. They champion the risk-takers, …

AI Media Proves There is a Need for Eventida! 7 years ago

The cofounders of Eventida created a video sharing their story at Peach Days festival and sent it over to the nice folks at AI Media, who is on a mission similar to Eventida's; making more content accessible to all. AI Media shared the video on their facebook page. It was shared 167 times and viewed by over 9,400 people - a decent 1.8% share rate. The irony is, the audience is primarily the Deaf community - but most of the comments posted were about food inaccessibility!

Our Founder in 30 Women to Watch by Utah Business Magazine 10 years ago

I have very high standards when it comes to quality... if I don't achieve that high standard, even though the client may be perfectly happy with the project, if I don't feel like the quality is where I want it to be, then I feel like the project hasn't been 100% successful. - Elise Whitworth
Click to watch the video that Utah Business Magazine created, featuring Elise. We are really proud of her!

Featured on 11 years ago

"Internet marketing guru Elise Whitworth understands that promoting an event is a very necessary, but very time-consuming process for busy professionals. In an effort to help simplify the process, Whitworth has created Eventida, an event promotions app, which allows event hosts to easily create, share, update, and promote their events in one place."
Read more: Q&A 4Her - Elise Whitworth, Founder of Eventida

Reviewed on DeafSocialMedia 11 years ago

We just got a fabulous, positive review by Brian Leeper (@b2theryan) on his blog @deafsocialmedia where he discusses social media, marketing, and advertising in the Deaf community! He writes about how Eventida is essentially another social media tool, and how it is deaf friendly with its "ASL" language option:
"Visit and type in “ASL” or “Deaf”, you could see a list of all ASL events that may be in your city you could attend! Also add your events in the future! Promoting events has just became easier!"
Check it out! It's on Deaf Social Media

On’s “7 Tools to help Promote Events” 11 years ago

We're proud to stand out among those 7 tools!
Planners can list their events for free on the Web site, and each listing includes social media sharing links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and email. Planners can use the Eventida post as their primary event page or link to a separate page.