Put In the Spotlight by Alice 5 years ago

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Recently, Alice featured Eventida and our CEO, Lisi Whitworth in their weekly newsletter, The Memo. Alice is an ecosystem of doers, made up of many communities who challenge, support, and drive entrepreneurs to think bigger. They champion the risk-takers, the underdogs, and the makers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.


…when it comes to differently abled entrepreneurship, there just aren’t a ton of stats out there (working on it!), even though 56.7 million Americans are living with a disability. What I do know is that business ownership can provide a path to economic independence, and it highlights the creativity and innovation within the disAbilities community. I mean, some of the world’s coolest visionaries had/have disabilities.” – The Memo

Differently Abled Entrepreneurs

Screenshot of newsletter with Lisi Whitworth standing in front of sculpture, with a featured quote and a summary write up of Eventida.Along with the spotlight on Lisi, Alice shared a collection of resources for Differently Abled Entrepreneurs that they created as part of their mission to support underserved entrepreneurs.

They also hosted a month-long social media campaign featuring different underserved groups each week during the holidays. For one week, they featured Lisi and Eventida alongside other differently abled business owners of BridgingApps.org, GlobalDeafWomen.com,  and Mabelyq.com.

It’s the little things like this, the recognition that inspires underserved entrepreneurs who face barriers to keep going, to keep overcoming and prospering. Thank you, Alice!

You can follow Alice on Twitter @HelloAlice and sign up on their website, HelloAlice.comYou can also view Lisi’s profile here.


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