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Early in 2017, we moved our business across the country from Utah to Washington, D.C. in order to leverage more opportunities and resources. We wanted to update our followers as to what’s been happening with Eventida since then.

The problem is, it cannot be covered in a single blog post – there are a lot of news to share! A few highlights of what we have accomplished:

  • Partnered with Eyeth Studios to establish Deafmade Cooperative, a hybrid worker-buyer cooperative, generating about $250,000 in revenues providing project management, web development and creative services.
  • Formally incorporated Eventida and registered with the SEC in preparation for employee stock benefits.
  • Participated in and graduated from the Village Capital (Vilcap) business accelerator program hosted by Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (GIEI) where we identified our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Attended accessible events hosted by fabulous organizations and were inspired by the people behind them: Circular Summit by Alice; Dolphin Tank by Springboard; HerImpact by 1863 Ventures and Ford Fund, and multiple events by DCRABeacon DC, and GIEI.
  • Established Special Projects – our first one being a nonprofit initiative in partnership with Deafsourced Media, the amazing Deaf Media Summit.
  • Joined and benefited from a mentorship program cohosted by Werkin and Beacon DC.
  • Participated in and graduated from a 1863 Ventures Emerging Entrepreneurs cohort where we improved on the weaknesses we learned about during the Vilcap program.
  • Continued to maintain and grow – approving over 100 new events posted daily, applied for dozens of programs, built this new marketing website, and many more little things here and there!

We are doing a special news series that we call “Now and Future,” where we recognize every person, program and organization who contributed to our journey and have inspired us. We will highlight the technologies that enabled us to get to where we are.

Each article will chronicle the journey that brought us to now, weaved into the vision of the future, topic by topic. Every post is a piece that fits together like a puzzle, forming the greater picture of Eventida’s mission, what we have been up to, and our social impact goals.

In this special series we will write about these topics, in no specific order:

  • What IS Eventida
  • Insights from Village Capital Cohort
  • The future of Event Management Software
  • Experience of being in 1863 Ventures Cohort
  • Compliance: ADA, HIPAA, GDPR Security & More
  • Building a Platform through Integrations
  • Growing a Community #NoLimits
  • Special Projects & Initiatives
  • Guidelines, Helpdesk and Feature Requests
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Goals
  • Blockchain Technology for Events
  • Big Data and Machine Learning

Please be sure to subscribe to the Eventida Community email list, we will be announcing each article in this series on the Backstage Pass newsletter.

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